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RED BARN - minimum order R500
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Beef Boerewors 500g R80
Beef Burgers 4 pack R68
Beef Goulash 500g R70
Beef Mince 500g R67
Chicken Breasts 1kg R154
Leg Quarters 700g R81
Braai Pack (12 Pcs) 1.6kg


Breast Fillets 500g R79
Breast Fillets Bone In 500g R76
Burgers Chicken 4 pack R68
Chicken Stock 500ml R42
Chicken Whole (1.9-2kg's) Bird R173
Drumsticks 800g R96
Mince Chicken Breast 500g R81
Mini Breast Fillets 400g R73
Mixed Portions 1.4kg R157
Sausage Chicken & Bacon 500g R80
Sausage Chicken Feta & Sage 500g R80
Sausage Chicken Roasted 500g R80
Sausage Chicken Traditional 500g R80
Sausage Serbian Chicken 500g R80
Schmaltz - Chicken Butter 500g R42
Schnitzel - Seasoned 500g R87
Smoked Breast Fillets 400g R81
Thighs 800g R92
Thighs De-Boned 400g R90
Wings Plain 800g R89
Chicken Liver 500g R48
Liver Pate 120g R46
Farm Butter  500g R75
Eggs - Mixed Dozen R44
Eggs - Pullet Small Dozen R36
Eggs - Jumbo  Dozen R47
Milk (Raw) 2 Litre R45
Yoghurt Greek 1 Litre R78
Yoghurt Greek 500g R52
Feta 760g R70
Halloumi 250g R55
Lamb Leg Chops 600g R140
Lamb Mince 500g R86
Lamb Rib Chops 600g R166
Lamb Roast per kg n/s
Lamb Shoulder Chops 600g R154
Lamb Stew 500g R68
Lamb - Rib Strips  500g R155
Streaky Bacon  250g R47
Back Bacon 250g R47
Sausage Serbian Pork 500g R80
Pork Belly - please inquire per kg n/s
Pork Chops 600g R91
Pork Goulash 500g R68
Pork Lard 500g R42
Pork Mince 500g R79
Pork Stew 500g n/s
Pork Strips 600g R89

Farmer Angus - minimum order R250

Bacon: Streaky 250g R52
Bacon: Extra Fatty Streaky 500g R105
Beef Boerewors 500g R59
Beef Chipolatas 500g R62
Beef Mince 500g R55
Beef Patties 4 Pack R46
Bone Broth, Beef 1 Litre R78
Bone Broth, Pork 1 Litre R78
Bone Broth, Chicken 1 Litre R78
Rump portions 500g R98
Sirloin portions 500g R107
Salami Sticks 150g R57
Biltong 150g R111
Beef Snapsticks 80g R37

Klein Rivier Free Range Fed Cows - minimum order R250

Please read our Product page for cheese descriptions.

Brushed Rind Cheese

Gruberg - Mature +-200g R80
Gruberg - Mature +-1kg R350
Gruberg - Vintage +-200g R90
Gruberg - Vintage +-1kg R415
Stanford +-200g R65
Stanford +-1kg R275

Washed Curd Cheese

Danbo +-200g R55
Danbo +-1kg R235
Havarti +-200g R65
Havarti +-1kg R275
Overberg +-200g R70
Overberg +-1kg R315
Raclette +-200g R75
Raclette +-1kg R350

Hard Cheese

Grana +-200g R85
Grana +-1kg R390
Parmesan +-200g R85
Parmesan +-1kg R390
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